Purpose of Tribal Action Plan Against Alcohol and Substance Abuse

The TAP provides an opportunity for Federally Recognized Tribes to take a proactive role in the fight against alcohol and substance abuse in their communities by:

• Identifying existing strengths and resources that has helped the Tribe overcome past challenges;

• Assessing their needs and resources relative to alcoholism, addiction, and substance abuse prevention and treatment activities;

• Coordinating available resources and programs in an effort to combat alcohol and substance abuse among its members;

• Identifying gaps in services;

• Working with the community to identify urgent or emerging addiction issues;

• Assisting in the development of a comprehensive strategy to prevent and reduce alcoholism, addiction, and alcohol and substance abuse in the community;

• Updating TAP’s every two years;

• Establishing a Tribal Coordinating Committee at the local level.

The Federal agencies will support communities in developing tribal action plans by:

• Communicating, coordinating, and cooperating fully with Tribes for the purpose of assisting in the development and implementation of the TAP and providing ongoing support (i.e., technical assistance, training, and guidance)

• Assisting Tribes in identifying, coordinating existing, and searching for available resources and services to support and help sustain the development and implementation of TAP;

• Entering into an agreement with the Tribe for the implementation of the tribal action plan,

• Developing an inventory of resources in Indian Country;

• Analyzing the questions and requests for further information received from the Tribes;

• Developing a response to the tribal action plan.

Developing and maintaining a system of close and continuous communication with Tribes to
identify available resources to maximize the benefits of intervention strategies and services to

Facilitating and supporting Tribes in providing specific training and technical assistance to
multidisciplinary and multi-agency members, allied experts and community members who
are key to the efforts and programs in the TAP.

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