U.S. Departments Develop Long Term Plans in Building Tribal Justice Systems

America certainly does their part as a judicial system of worth when they continuously continue the pursuit of fair Tribal Justice. Under a new request granted in March 2013 to the White Earth Nation, the U.S. will assume criminal jurisdiction on the White Earth reservation with a square mile of 1,300 in north Minnesota. It is the first action under the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 of this kind and allows the Justice Department concurrent federal jurisdiction in the prosecution of major crimes in Indian county, as well as state criminal jurisdiction.
Deputy Attorney General Cole signed the letter to the tribe, which will be effective from June 1 2013. State, County and Tribal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors also continues their criminal jurisdiction in White Earth reservation. A special Native American Issues Coordinator will liaise between government and Indian County and his work also involves all issues around Indian County as well as the Tribal Justice Plan’s implementation.
The Indian Health Service will receive partnership assistance from the FBI’s Office of Victim Assistance and a Sexual Assault Nurse, as well as a Sexual Assault Response Team to assist in Indian County to combat victims of abuse and sexual abuse.
Alaska Native and American Indian Tribes can apply for funding as there are grants set aside for tribal people. Towards the end of 2010 $127 million was awarded by the Department to over 130 Alaska Native and American Indian communities towards the enhancement of justice systems, law enforcement, and sexual assault, and substance abuse, violence against women, correctional alternatives, juvenile justice and tribal youth programs. A year later a further $118.4 million was awarded towards the same causes for tribal people. In 2012 over $101 million was awarded again and for the year 2013 the award announcement for the tribal government will be released around middle of the year.

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